Questions to ask the dermatologist:

  • How severe is my acne?
  • Is Epiduo Forte Gel right for me?
  • What should my skin care regimen be?
  • Is my diet affecting my skin health?
  • When should I notice improvement?
  • How long will I have to continue treatment?
  • What should I look for when buying skin care products or makeup?

Questions the dermatologist may ask you:

  • When did your breakouts start?
  • Have you noticed anything that triggers your breakouts?
  • How do breakouts affect your daily life?
  • What treatment are you using now?
  • What treatments have you tried before?
  • What do you currently wash your face with?
  • What treatments or skin care products are you using now?
  • Are you taking any prescription medications, vitamins or other supplements? What are they?
  • Have you had any recent life changes?

Resources for your Dermatologist visit.

Discussion Guide Epiduo Forte Gel Brochure

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