The Results are Clearer

“I started seeing results [with my acne] in the first two weeks of using [Epiduo Forte Gel]. [Because my acne has improved,] I feel like I can just be me and go and do what I love rather than focus on my skin.”

Kat, Epiduo Forte Gel User

How Epiduo Forte Gel Has Helped My Acne

“I’m an actor and I have experienced acne throughout my career. Having acne impacted my career early on. I would have auditions and walk into a room and not feel as confident as I used to. Now that I have clearer skin because of Epiduo Forte Gel I feel so much more confident.”

Jennifer, Epiduo Forte Gel User

Don’t let acne mark you for life

Learn how Epiduo Forte Gel not only treats acne in the short-term but helps with acne scarring in the long-term.

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